Kaylyn Hoskins Client Reviews

What Our Clients Are Saying About Their Boudoir Experience

“I honestly have no words which we obviously know it’s far and few between. These images, the experience takes my breath away and makes me feel like a woman again. I feel things in the images that remind me I am my own person and I’m still beautiful inside and out. I had to even stop voice texting this message to you because my voice is cracking but I want you to know that this does so much for me as a woman. I will never be able to repay you.”

Gorgeous blue eyed woman during boudoir experience
Laura Rybak

“Hey Kaylyn, the album was here when I got home from work! It is stunningly beautiful! Of course, I could not wait… I told my husband it was a book of wedding pictures from our son’s wedding… You should have seen his face! And I got the reaction I wanted, his mind was blown! He can’t believe I was able to pull off such a personal, beautiful gift. Thank you for everything!”

gorgeous woman in see thru dress during boudoir experience for 30th wedding anniversary gift
Mrs. Mary

“I cannot tell you the number of times I have popped into the picture app just to look and smile and be amazed that it is me you captured so beautifully! What a priceless gift of confidence, new awareness, fun memories, smiles, and laughter! LOVE them and you!!! I will be sharing this with my friends so they will come to you for the experience and self esteem booster!”

sexy legs of woman in stilettos vacuuming sexily during her boudoir experience
Mrs. L

“Speechless. So beautiful. You. Are. Unbelievable. Life changing.”

Goddess in see thru vintage nighty with vintage camera during boudoir experience
Ms. Jill T

“and my face hurts … I laughed all the way home!!! What a great time!!!!!! and the pics are phenomenal!!! Woop Woop!”

Woman in orange hat covering up with her long skirt during outdoor boudoir experience
Mrs. Eryka

“Hi Kaylyn, just FYI, I can NOT stop looking at the pictures!!!! I love them so so so much!!!! Thank you!!”

woman removing panties next to fire hat and stilettos during bridal boudoir experience
Mrs. Stacey S

“WOW. Holy shit. WOW. Maybe I’ll be more articulate later. But for now I’m like…THAT’S ME?!?!?”

gorgeous woman in lingerie & stilettos during boudoir experience
Ms. T

“I just washed all the makeup off my face. And I’m thinking
‘oh no. All the magic and beauty from the day is about to go’
Then I looked in the mirror. Eyes all red from rubbing and fuck!!! I’m STILL GORGEOUS!!!!!! Thank you for changing my life to day Kaylyn!! XOXOXOXO”

Beautiful woman wearing white tshirt in shower during boudoir experience in Solon
Ms. Kelsey

“You know I’ve danced, winked, and sang in the mirror every morning since that shoot. I’ve never felt better!!! Can’t wait to see my album!!! Yay!!!!”

Woman with Beautiful tattoos laying on bar at Kaylyn Hoskins Photography Studio in Solon
Miss. K

“I’m the kind of girl who wears her cover-up on the beach. The courage it took to call Kaylyn, show up and strip down, to pose and believe I was amazing, all came together when I saw my pictures. She captured everything that was important to me and more. I am not the same person that I was a few weeks ago. I am strong & sexy as hell!”

beautiful woman in red panties & sexy cubs t-shirt leaning on baseball bat during boudoir experience
Ms. M

“I was having one of those days today…slightly hormonal, feeling bloaty and unattractive as I was getting ready for work. (We all have those days, right?) And then…desperate to make myself feel better I looked at the photos you took of me. I still can’t believe that is me??!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to see myself in a totally different light! What an invaluable gift!! I cherish your friendship and worship your artistic nature. You are AMAZING.”

beautiful woman in lingerie laying on vintage love glider during boudoir experience
Ms. Sunflower

“Kaylyn – Thank you so much for the Boudoir Experience!! I had a really great time and felt very comfortable. It’s crazy to think about how nervous I was and how quickly I relaxed and felt at ease. Your personality definitely sets you apart from others. You are a very unique and positive person. I’m so glad I chose to share this experience with you! We had a really great time in your new studio and the pictures are AMAZING!! I love the passion you have for what you do and thank you for letting me see myself in a different light! Thanks again and again!”

beautiful woman in lingerie laying on bar talking on old payphone
Mrs. Megan