Lux Boudoir Experience

                 MY PHILOSOPHY


Self Love is the most important thing in this world. We tend to see models in magazines and wonder why we weren’t blessed with their perfect bodies. Truth is, those women in the magazines didn’t walk into their boudoir shoot confident. Yes, even models have self love issues!!! As a boudoir photographer I understand light and how it lays on your body to bring out your favorite features. I promise you will be elated with your experience.

My approach to boudoir photography in simple: Take your uniquely awesome personality, your beautiful body and infuse them with my imaginative artistic eye & knowledge of boudoir posing to produce luxurious, tasteful boudoir portraits bound to enchant. I then take your portraits and create equally amazing one-of-a-kind artistic albums and wall canvases that will blow your mind. Promise.

My job is to unveil your inner sexy…yes, we ALL have it! I will assist your journey to more self-love by aiding you in the planning, creation and production of your photographic artwork, doing this all while having a ridiculously rad photo experience and making sure you look stunningly sexy in your portraits. I believe boudoir images are captured by infusing playfulness, confidence, ease, a whole bunch of sexy, and a dash or two of awesomeness!
I believe the apparent value of photography is widely under-appreciated, and it is only after the photographs are enjoyed, or regretted, that their true value is made clear.

You will want to plan a night out after your Boudoir Experience because you are going to look and feel GORGEOUS!

Gorgeous Goddess smiles up at the camera leaning up against brick wall


When you are ready to book your session, contact me [email protected] and we’ll begin with a consultation. There is no cost or obligation for the consultation, just an hour to sit down and chat about you, to entwine our vision & ideas to best creatively express and then capture your sexiness! Then we’ll pick a date when this outrageously fun photo shoot will take place and finalize location, ideas, concepts, wardrobe recommendations, and every last detail before your session.

The Session

Once we have completed the consultation, we’ll have a booked date for your portraits, and then the magic begins! On the day of your Boudoir Experience come ready to have the most FUN while feeling like a queen while getting your hair and makeup done by my AMAZING stylist! I promise you will be elated throughout your photography experience and you will see your reflection in a completely different way than you ever have before.

 Boudoir Before After Collage in Solon, Iowa


This is probably the BEST and MOST IMPORTANT part! 2 weeks after your amazing boudoir experience we will meet up again! During that time I will have taken time to professionally re-touch your photographs, promising you will be delighted with what you see (it’s ok to cry, it happens often!). I’ll have a presentation ready for you to view your ridiculously sexy and beautifully awesome photographs. This will be the first time you view your photographs (except maybe a sneak peak will be shared with only you). This is the final meeting and we will narrow down to your favorite portraits and then make ALL decisions in regards to your portrait order. The presentation takes about 1.5 hours to finalize your package and I’ll be there to help you every step of the way! No pressure sales or lame products, just authentic artwork and astonishing portraits. I’ll make it as easy and awesome as possible. In about 2-3 weeks we will connect again to pick up your order and start showing off your amazing photographs!