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newborn boy resting on dad's chest

Hello Friends!!  Last fall I was blessed to have the opportunity to capture the amazing energy of this beautiful little Newborn Sonny and his two beautiful and amazing parents, Jill & Matt!  Photographing a newborn before the wise age of 10 days produces the best results, as they are still so tiny and they still sleep a lot!  Newborns change so quickly, so to capture the energy of their newborn state…the sooner the better!


newborn baby yawning

I LOVE catching a yawn during a newborn shoot!  There are many opportunities, as these sweet little babies just seem to eat, sleep, make a mess in their diaper…and repeat!


newborn Sonny with pumpkin hat on

Matt carved the pumpkin and did a fine job of it!  Sonny is their sweet little pumpkin…that’s for certain!  😉


newborn boy resting on dad's chest

Newborn Sonny is happily dreaming on his Dad’s chest…so darn adorable!!


newborn sonny smiling in his sleep while laying on his dad's chest

Apparently he was dreaming dreams of lots of milk to drink!!  😉  I love the fine hair on their skin…there is nothing quite like photographing a Newborn!


new dad playing with newborn boy's toes

This little piggy…


newborn baby boy in dad's hands

Crazy how small these little humans are…their heads fit in the palm of their parent’s hands!


brand new Mom and newborn boy rubbing noses

Jill got emotional when I was getting these shots…it was the most adorable thing…ever!!

brand new dad rubbing noses with sleeping newborn boy  Sonny isn’t even a year old yet and Jill & Matt are already grateful for the decision they made to have me photograph Sonny before he was 10 days old.  They change so fast…it’s important to get a tentative date set up before your newborn is actually here!  This way with all the things you have going on, you won’t forget to call and schedule their newborn shoot!

newborn Sonny sleeping in front of pumpkin in which his name is carved

Newborn Sonny is just chillin…sleeping thru his newborn session…what a perfect little man!


newborn boy sonny in hand made owl hat

Awe…who DOESN’T love an adorable little owl?!?!

newborn boy on his dj dad's turntable

Newborn Sonny’s Daddy is a DJ…so of course we tried to get a few shots of him small enough to fit on his Daddy’s equipment!

new Mom and Dad kissing as they hold their brand new baby boy

One of my VERY FAVORITE newborn shots!!  These two love birds just added a sweet little one to their family!  Can you tell they are madly in love??


new mom and dad adoring their newborn baby boy in his nursery

In the nursery I happened to see their reflection in the mirror as I was looking for a good place to shoot in there.   I LOVE shots  like this that aren’t posed!!

newborn sleeping in crib with stuffed elephant

Sweet Newborn Sonny sleeping in his bed.

newborn in mom's arms in nursery

What a lucky little man to have such amazing and loving parents!!

baby is a gift under the christmas tree

I went over to see these amazing souls and show them their images from our session a month prior.  I decided I really wanted to get a few shots of Newborn Sonny under the Christmas tree!  They turned out pretty rad!

baby making fun face laying under Christmas tree

I’m pretty certain this was his ‘oh, Kaylyn…it’s so great to see you again’ look!  Bahaha!  This one just cracked me up!

new baby in gift box under christmas tree with santa hat

And this is the final shot from their session.  It was just a few weeks after we did the newborn shoot that these Christmas photos were taken.  Just a reminder as to why it’s important to get a newborn shoot scheduled before you have your little one!  If you don’t get their newborn shots taken before they are 7-10 days old…they don’t look as little as they once were!!  Thanks for having me capture the energy of your little man, Matt & Jill!  I can hardly wait to see him grown into a wonderful young man.  If he is anything like his amazing Mom & Dad…he will be full of magic!!  *Big Hugs*


*Much Love & Golden Light*