Senior Pics of Gorgeous Addie

KaylynBlog, HS Senior

Beautiful Senior laughs during senior pics session with kaylyn hoskins photography

Taking the Gorgeous Addie’s Senior Pics was ridiculously fun!  What a beautiful young lady Addie is!!  Addie had her heart set on taking some photos out at her grandparents’s farm where she spent a lot of time playing while she was growing up.  I couldn’t have asked for a better and/or more rad location to start shooting her Senior Pics!  Old barns are some of my favorite backdrops and there surely wasn’t a lack of these beautiful buildings with such amazing energy!  It was even more awesome that Addie could tell stories of when she was growing up!

Beautiful Senior laughing while looking out old barn window during senior picsIn the above senior pic of gorgeous Addie she is looking over at her Grandpa who had just said something super adorable and sentimental!  He said something in on the lines of:   ‘I didn’t think I’d live to see my grown granddaughter peeking out of that door’.  It made Addie, her gorgeous Mama and I tear up…what a sweet sweet moment to have shared with them!

Addie peeks out of an old barn during her senior picsLove this Senior Pic of Addie’s gorgeous smile!

Solon senior poses on ladder in an old barn during senior portraitsAddie spent much time in this old barn as she was growing up!  I tried to get her to climb up on the loft, but she wasn’t having it.  Said something about racoons living up there or something?!  😉

Beautiful Senior leans up against wall in old barn she grew up playing in during her Senior Pictures with Kaylyn Hoskins Photography
What a GORGEOUS young lady!!  Love the cowboy boots and the gorgeous smile on her beautiful face!

HS-Senior-Addie-8048Seriously…this girl is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!


Solon Senior stands in field during her senior session with Kaylyn Hoskins Photography

Addie is just gorgeous…have I said that already?!  😉

HS-Senior-Addie-8102I love me some reflection shots!!  Turns out…this was Addie’s playhouse when she was younger!  Loved the energy of it and the shot of her all grown up in the window!!

Solon senior poses by corn field in West Liberty during her shoot with Kaylyn Hoskins PhotographyAddie will always be an angel in her Grandparent’s eyes…I love that her shirt looks like she has wings in this shot!  🙂

Solon senior sits on fence in front of corn field during her senior pics with Kaylyn Hoskins Photography

One of my very fav shots from her shoot!  LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this image!!  Gorgeous girl, sitting on the fence where she spent a lot of time while growing up, the corn field, the sun-flare…the fence!  Love it all!

Gorgeous Solon Senior gives a real smile to photographer Kaylyn Hoskins during her senior pics session in Iowa City After we were done shooting at her Grandparent’s place…we headed over to the amazingly magical Harvest Preserve on the edge of Iowa City.  We had some fun there, too!

Beautiful Senior laughs during senior pics session with kaylyn hoskins photographyOh, my goodness…I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photograph!  Sometimes it’s a challenge to get beautiful young ladies out of their heads…sometimes it’s easy!  😉

Gorgeous Senior smiles and looks up at the camera during senior photo session with Kaylyn Hoskins Photography at Harvest Preserve in Iowa CitySTUNNING STUNNING STUNNING…flawless skin, gorgeous smile, eyes and lashes to give amazing butterfly kisses…she should be a model!

Solon Senior Addie blows a big league chew bubble gum bubble while looking over her glasses during senior pics session.I had some Big League Chew thinking maybe blowing some bubbles would be fun…after she chewed the gum for a bit…we finally got a few good bubbles for fun Senior Pics!

The Gorgeous Addie plays with queen anne's lace during her senior pics with Kaylyn Hoskins PhotographyAddie looks so darn innocent in this shot!  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

Solon Senior Addie runs hand thru her hair for a fun silhouette pic during her senior session with Kaylyn Hoskins Photography at Harvest Preserve in Iowa CityWe even had time to get a few silhouette shots…this is one of my fav silhouette shots…ever!!

Beautiful HS Senior silhouetted with bow during Senior Pics at Harvest Preserve in Iowa City, IAThis gorgeous young lady even goes out bow hunting!  How rad is that?!  So…of course we had to have her bow in a few Senior Pics!

Sure did have a BLAST during this session, as with all of my Senior Sessions!  Thanks for being so awesome and fun, Addie!  Super excited to watch as you go through your senior year!  Interested in setting up a Senior Session with me?  Contact me here to set up your pre-shoot consultation: