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Mother of 3 wearing stilettos shows off her sexy legs on a bar

Hot Mama's legs in fishnet laying on bed during boudoir experience

‘Ms. S’ (names have been changed to keep identities private) arrived for her Luxury Boudoir Experience pre-shoot consultation a bit nervous, as all clients do!  It didn’t take long for Ms. S’s nerves to switch to excitement while I showed her how much fun previous clients have had, telling their stories while sharing their images(with permission, of course).  This was VERY out of ‘Ms. S’s comfort zone (as with all of you ladies!), but she knew her courage to be photographed in fewer clothes than she is comfortable in would make for a more powerful gift for her ‘hard to buy for’ boyfriend.  

I greeted the nervously excited ‘Ms. S’ with big hugs on the day of her luxury boudoir experience.  My main hair/makeup artist Laura Rybak‘s bubbly, fun, loud energy just makes every client feel more comfortable immediately.  We sipped on mimosas, shared many laughs(at least once I was literally on the floor I was laughing so hard!) and talked about our lives as if we were old friends catching up while Laura worked her magic.  The few hours ‘Ms. S’ was here flew by, but were filled with laughter, fun, happy swells of emotions and it was one of my top favorite boudoir experiences…EVER!  We sure do have THE MOST FUN during these magical boudoir experiences!  It’s TONS of fun to watch my gorgeous gals transform from nervous to goddess in just a few short hours!

When ‘Ms. S’ came in for her viewing/ordering session and got to see all of her images from the magical day, she was extremely pleased with how her images turned out!  We had so much fun re-living the fun boudoir experience thru her images,  all while we narrowed down her favorites for her final album design.  Two more weeks pass and I excitedly delivered her luxury album & large metallic prints to her at work so she would have them in time for Christmas.  She was VERY pleased when she saw them in print and I walked out of there glowing, thinking ‘How is it possible that I actually get paid for this?!’.

‘Ms. S’ sent me a message after she gave him the gifts saying ‘Together we made a grown man cry’.  THAT gave me goosebumps!!  It’s such a treat when my clients share their love’s reaction to her sexy gifting experience!  Little did I know at this point, that there was even MORE magic to come from ‘Ms. S’s boudoir experience…


*A few weeks later*  

Thank you note from boudoir client's boyfriend at Kaylyn Hoskins Photography Solon, Iowa

I was routinely at the post office flipping thru my mail and flipped to an envelope addressed to me with a return address of a man I did not know(over an hour from my studio).  I double checked the address and sure enough, I had read it correctly and it was addressed to Kaylyn Hoskins Photography.  I curiously opened the envelope while pondering how I might know someone by that name from his return address location.  I opened it up to find this colorful Thank You card.  At this point I was simply flattered that someone had taken the time & energy to put an actual card in the mail, but I still didn’t have the slightest clue as to who this man was, nor how my photography had played any part in his holiday so many miles away.  As I opened the card a folded up letter slipped out of the card onto the counter making this man’s hand written note inside the card visible.

Thank you note from boudoir client's boyfriend Kaylyn Hoskins Photography



Standing in the post office I began to read his letter…

‘My name is ‘T’.  I’m the boyfriend of ‘Ms. S’. and the recipient of a wonderful Boudoir Christmas present that resulted from your studio.  I wanted to take a few minutes to drop you a line or two and say Thank You.

I have received many Christmas presents in my 44 years on this earth.  I’m not a materialistic person and feel the world as a whole places too much emphasis on worldly possessions.  When I was growing up, we were given one Christmas present.  It was usually something of significance.  If we needed something during the year, we didn’t have to wait until Christmas.  Christmas was saved for something very special.’

I’m a huge fan of art and photography.  I can hardly write my name which is why I’m typing this letter.  But I appreciate people who have the creative ability to capture something through a lens, with a brush or with a pencil.  It amazes me.  I love to visit art galleries and museums and do when I have the chance to travel.  I’m not educated in art but I know what I like.  My very modest home is filled with my collection. It works for me and I realize everyone has their own taste.

I had no idea what ‘Ms. S’ had gotten me for Christmas.  She mentioned I was hard to buy for, which I am.  So when I opened the present at our private Christmas ceremony, I saw a book.  I love books.  I opened it and saw the first picture of her laid back{on the bed}.  I asked ‘Ms. S’  “Is that you?”  She said yes.  So I proceeded to go through and look at all the pictures.  Magnificent.  All of them.

What really made me feel special was the symbolism and to know ‘Ms. S’ did this for me as a special present.  I love her hair.  I love to see her wear her simple silver band that we bought in Mexico.  I love the straightness of her hips.  I loved the bottle of wine{the name was symbolic for them}.  I loved the lingerie.  I even loved the picture of her at the end in her sweat pants.  This is the ‘Ms. S’ that I see the most!  My favorite is probably the black and white one of her sitting with a big smile on her face and wearing glasses.  But I love them all and hold them very dear.

‘Ms. S’ is not a girly girl.  She tends to wear sweat pants and a black hoodie or T shirt.  She seldom wears makeup.  She’s not into hand bags and high heels.  She’s into running shoes and ball caps.  I really appreciate the woman who accessorizes well and is a good dresser.  I have seen ‘Ms. S’ dressed up or with make up on a few times in the 1  1/2 years we have dated.  She can really pull the look off but chooses not to.  She just likes her active lifestyle and not dressing up.  And while I appreciate the ultra-feminine woman, I have grown to super love ‘Ms. S’s casual appearance.  It’s just who she is.  She can pull off getting dressed up, she just chooses to spend her time doing things she enjoys such as running.  She works hard to not draw attention to herself.  So when I saw these pictures, I was amazed.  I had spotted the dress in her closet and asked about it.  Someday she said.  Someday I will wear it.  Same with the high heels.  So for her to do this was really something.  And she said it was fun and she enjoyed it.

I have fallen deeply in love with this woman over the past year.  She is a great one.  She is super intelligent, a caring physician, a super mother of her 3 beautiful children, a driven athlete and a fantastic friend to many.  She makes me want to be a better person and to push forward in life at all times.  She is beautiful in many ways and I’m happy to have gotten a chance to be with her for some of my life.  She calls me her Rock.  I’m not sure I’m worthy of that title but it is nice to hear.  I don’t have a title for her but I know my life is much more complete with her in it.

What I really wanted to say is “Thank You” for your willingness to share your talents of photography with the world.  You are truly blessed with a gift.  You are making people happy with your abilities and services.  I’m sure  you are passionate about your work and that carries through to your clients.  Keep it up!  You are making many people happy.

Thanks again for my first personal Boudoir experience.  Keep up the great work.

I’m having the 2 large pictures you gave ‘Ms. S’ framed.  They will make wonderful additions to my bedroom collection with a great personal touch.’


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