Tammy’s 2nd Annual Birthday Boudoir

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Before After Collage of woman's boudoir shoot

Tammy is one bad-ass, gorgeous birthday goddess! This is Tammy’s 2nd Annual Birthday Boudoir Shoot with me! If you ask me, there is NO question in my mind that Tammy is even MORE beautiful than she was last year at her boudoir birthday shoot! Knowing that she would love her images and having an idea of how her boudoir experience … Read More

Sexy Nurse Boudoir Experience | Solon Iowa

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Before After collage of boudoir goddess in solon, iowa

This sexy nurse was SO MUCH FUN to have in the studio!  After hair and makeup here at the studio with Nicolette  we started photos of this sexy nurse out on the bed.  Badassery:  1 : the state or condition of being a badass : badass quality or character. I believe ALL women, at our core have the Badassery energy.  This … Read More

Tammy’s 1st Annual Birthday Boudoir | Solon, IA

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boudoir before and after collage of curvy wife and mom

Tammy came in for her first boudoir experience here at the studio on her birthday! Tammy wasn’t at her ideal weight(who really ever is?!) and she STILL left here radiating sexy, confidence and self love! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate your goddess self than around your birthday…EVERY YEAR! As a seasoned boudoir photographer, I have been … Read More

Sexy Working Mom’s Birthday Gift to Hubby

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Boudoir Goddess Before and After Collage KHP

This gorgeous, Sexy working Mom, Erin gave her hubby the sexiest birthday gift he could even dream of!  Six years ago in December I had the pleasure of photographing Erin’s gorgeous winter wedding!  It only took her six years to allow me to photograph her again and show her the true beauty she doesn’t always see when she looks in … Read More

Curvy Working Mom Boudoir Shoot | Mindy

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Glamour Before After collage of Mindy

This Gorgeous Goddess is the first in my ‘boudoir experience every year’ series.  I am looking forward to showing select women they are beautiful EVERY single year.  You have gained weight…you’re STILL GORGEOUS!  You’ve lost weight…STILL GORGEOUS!  You’ve gotten a few more wrinkles…YOU ARE STILL GORGEOUS!!  If you are interested in being part of this series email me for more … Read More

Sexy Coach Lux Boudoir in Solon | Sarah

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before after collage of boudoir goddess Sarah

This GORGEOUS Goddess, Coach Sarah came to the studio for her Lux Boudoir Experience this fall.  We had an INCREDIBLE time and she loved her Lux Boudoir Experience!  I have known this gorgeous soul for 20+ years, so when Sarah said she was going to be back in town for her 20 year class reunion I offered to show her … Read More