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Geneveieve Boudoir Before After collage

This Curvy Boudoir Goddess, Genevieve scheduled her Boudoir Experience for HERSELF! YOU DO NOT NEED to have a partner to schedule your FREE pre-shoot consultation! *You will have stunning images of yourself to help gain confidence in dating and to put on your dating profile* I GUARANTEE you will only regret if you DON’T set up your FREE boudoir consultation! What are YOU waiting for?

All of my boudoir goddesses are gorgeous BEFORE their hair and makeup is done. But having an amazing hair/makeup artist treat you like the goddess that you are… makes the experience SO MUCH more FUN! The confidence that comes from having hair and makeup during your boudoir experience is beyond words! Thank you Laura Marie Artistry for your talent here at the studio!

Geneveieve Boudoir Before After collage

This is the moment Genevieve looked in the mirror to see her makeup and hair done for the first time! EVERY. SINGLE. PART. of a boudoir experience is so magical!

Gorgeous curvy goddess looking in the mirror to see herself after hair makeup during boudoir shoot

Genevieve’s GORGEOUS smile!!!

Curvy Boudoir Goddess in black lingerie looking down while twirling hair

Genevieve’s Boudoir Experience was extra unique and special because of her 15 years of service in the military. We were able to incorporate that part of her life into her sexy session! Thank you for your service, Bad ass GODDESS!

Bad ass curvy Boudoir goddess head shot with american flag behind her

I LOVE this image with the american flag behind her! It’s almost as if she is ‘looking back’ on those 15 years of her dedication and service to his country. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, GORGEOUS GODDESS!

Bad Ass Boudoir Vet Goddess Genevieve looking to the left with american flag behind her


Female Military vet silhouetted holding gun with american flag background

I’m not a huge fan of guns, simply because I haven’t learned to safely shoot them and appreciate the power of them. That said, this image makes me want to go learn all the things! I mean, this image is SO BAD ASS and DUCKING SEXY!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, GENEVIEVE!!

Sexy Veteran laying on bar with gun in army fatigues during boudoir session

That look! Genevieve, you are GORGEOUS!!!

Curvy boudoir goddess looking playfully at the camera during boudoir experience

Genevieve’s Boudoir Experience was SO MUCH FUN! It clearly shows in this playful image in her Hello Kitty shirt! This image takes me back to the moment I clicked my camera button! When a boudoir shoot is over and my goddess walks out the door, I get a little sad…wishing it wasn’t over, already!

Curvy Boudoir Goddess giggles while wearing Hello Kitty tshirt while rocking sexy hat during boudoir experience

Funny story about this hippie sweater Genevieve is wearing… I helped her shop for her boudoir outfits and because I personally love this look I took it into her dressing room at the store to try on! She ended up getting it AND it worked so great for these shots!! Genevieve rocked everything she wore!! SO MUCH FUN!!

Curvy Boudoir Goddess wearing hippie cover looking down playfully during boudoir photo shoot


Curvy Boudoir Goddess wearing boho sweater over black bra with red lipstick during boudoir experience

Genevieve’s response to looking thru her images on her custom app after her viewing/ordering session: ‘I keep flipping through…I can giggle, laugh and wrinkle my nose right along with them. I just keep flipping like a revolving book. 🙂 Thank you so much LOVE THEM!’

Genevieve’s Boudoir Experience was a bit more empowering than many. For many different reasons, but I will focus about her beautiful curves here. To those of you curvy goddesses who embrace their beauty at ANY size…YOU INSPIRE ME AND EVERYONE AROUND YOU! A majority of you women who are beautifully curvy and don’t fit society’s ‘norm’ of beauty have been conditioned to feel anything other than BEAUTIFUL. My sessions with curvy goddesses who are even a little uncomfortable with their beautiful curves are THE MOST EMPOWERING!! Feeling beautiful EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. OF OUR LIVES is the most most important thing we can learn to live happier lives full of laughter and love…self love! Thank you Genevieve for trusting me to show you how TRULY GORGEOUS you are thru your powerful boudoir experience! And thank you for allowing me to share a few of your images from your session! I can’t wait for my past boudoir goddess gathering to hug you again!

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