Lux Boudoir Experience in Solon, Iowa | Ms. Shirley

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Before After collage of Boudoir Goddess Shirley


This Gorgeous Boudoir Goddess was THE MOST FUN to photograph!  She did her shoot for her boyfriend and of course he loved the images!  Even though women often do their shoot for their love, my goddesses get the most out of their boudoir experience!  Empowering women is my passion.  We are ALL GORGEOUS in our own ways and being able to shine a light on our gorgeousness is my FAVORITE thing in the world!

Boudoir Goddess Shirley stands in doorway after dropping her robe

Boudoir Goddess Shirley leaning on bar during boudoir experience with Kaylyn Hoskins Photography

Boudoir Goddess Shirley Leaning on brick wall in lingerie during boudoir experience

Boudoir client laying face up on bed in lingerie during boudoir experience

Boudoir Goddess stands in big window at kaylyn hoskins photography studio in solon, iowa

Boudoir Goddess Shirley sits on old window ledge during her boudoir shoot

Boudoir goddess in red one piece lingerie leans on whiskey barrel to show her booty

Boudoir Goddess on her knees on bed in bra and panties during boudoir experience

Boudoir goddess Shirley wears sexy white button up shirt while playfully biting her nail during boudoir shoot

Boudoir goddess with thong and white shirt on showing off her sexy booty

Boudoir Goddess wears her man's Cowboys hat while leaning on old whiskey barrel

Boudoir Goddess wears her man's Cowboys hat while playfully nibbling her thumb

boudoir goddess straddles vintage chair in white button down while showing some cleavage

Boudoir Goddess Silhouetted in shadow from large window

Boudoir goddess in lingerie lays sexily on rooftop studio in solon, iowa

Gorgeous Boudoir goddess silhouetted against setting sun on studio rooftop in solon iowa

Thank you Shirley for being such a gift to have in my studio!  I’m BEYOND blessed to get to do what I do for a living!  To schedule your very own FREE boudoir consultation contact me here and we will get you set up for your meeting to get excited and talk about what to wear and get all the excitement and anticipation of your magical day of pampering started!

*Big Hugs*