Mrs. O Valentine’s Boudoir

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The gorgeous Mrs. O scheduled her Valentine’s Boudoir Experience as a gift for her husband for Valentine’s Day! So, of course we used a dozen red roses in her boudoir experience!

Beautiful woman in lingerie smelling red rose during Valentine's boudoir shoot

I love this image in black and white!

Beautiful boudoir client laying in rose petals during Valentine's Boudoir Experience

Mrs. O is Stunningly Gorgeous! Her red lipstick matched the rose petals perfectly!

Beautiful woman sitting in window smelling dozen roses during boudoir session

Always stop and smell the roses, friends! 😉

beautiful woman wearing winter hood during outdoor boudoir session

Mrs. O rocked the beautiful grey winter coat I have! Such a STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL woman!

beautiful woman standing in large window during boudoir session

I sure do love my large windows in the studio for my beautiful goddesses to stand in for silhouettes!

sexy female sitting on rooftop during Valentine's boudoir session

This beautiful soul was super happy to venture up on the rooftop of the studio during the winter! See the snow under her Stilettos?

outdoor rooftop Valentine's boudoir a beautiful woman's legs with fishnets and stilettos

Mrs. O wasn’t scared of a little cold weather to get these beautiful images!

beautiful woman in sexy red dress during Valentine's boudoir session


Valentine's boudoir client on bed in red lipstick & lingerie during boudoir session

Is it just me, or does Mrs. O look like the main character in 50 shades of grey?!

Sexy wife in Red's gear during Valentine's Boudoir Experience in Solon, IA

Mrs. O’s husband is a Reds Baseball fan. She sure did rock this outfit for him!

When I saw Mrs. O’s husband for the first time after she gifted him her album…first thing he said was ‘WOW. Such a GREAT job on my beautiful wife’s images!’ It always makes my soul smile to hear amazing reviews of my work from the one receiving the gift! THANK YOU for being SO MUCH FUN to photograph, Mrs. O! Your boudoir experience was overflowing with beauty in so many ways!

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