Mrs. T’s Boudoir Experience

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Beautiful woman laughs while sitting on end of green vintage love glider in pink lingerie

Back in November I had the pleasure of showing Mrs. T what a Boudoir Experience is all about!  We had an AMAAAZING time, got some incredibly beautiful photographs and one more beautiful woman will look at her reflection in a different light.  It is TRULY a gift for me to assist women in seeing themselves as ‘beautiful’ and ‘sexy’.


Boudoir Experience Client text message testimonialThis is a text I received from the gorgeous Mrs. T about her Boudoir Experience!   ‘Life Changing.’  …I’ll take it!  🙂



Beautiful woman wearing pink lingerie hiding her face with her hair

By the looks of these images, one might have assumed Mrs. T wasn’t nervous at all.  Truth is…I’ve not had one client come in for there boudoir experience who was free of nervousness.  Showing a client the first image on the back of my camera is my favorite part of the boudoir experiences!  The thing I most often hear ‘Oh, my gosh…that’s ME?!’ and there is usually a moment in which their beauty really hits them.  Sometimes they get emotional, but I do my best to bring some humor into those moments because tears mess up a client’s makeup!  🙂


Beautiful woman laughs while sitting on end of green vintage love glider in pink lingerie

We have so much fun during every single boudoir experience!!  You will have to come experience one of your own if you want to know how I get the real laughter out of my beautiful clients!  😉


Beautiful female lays on green vintage love glider in lingerie during her boudoir experience

Simply stunning!

Woman in lingerie sitting on the edge of red chair during boudoir experience

Hot Hot Hot!


Gorgeous woman covers her breast with her arm during her boudoir experience

Shadows make for more dramatic shots.


Beautiful woman showing her surrender tattoo right below her breast

Surrender:  abandon oneself entirely to (a powerful emotion or influence); give in to.


Gorgeous woman wears only a smile and leather jacked during boudoir experience

Mrs. T Rocked her leather jacket!


Boudoir client in vintage lingerie looks down thru vintage Ansco rediflex camera

Mrs. T is quite the fantastic photographer, along with other amazing things!  I LOVE getting my vintage camera collection out during a boudoir experience and it seemed fitting for Mrs. T!


Stunning woman smiles beautifully in vintage lingerie during her boudoir experience

Most beautiful smile on the planet…and she rocked the baby blue vintage piece I recently added to my collection of outfits!


Beautiful woman leans on vintage chair in vintage lingerie during boudoir experience

Stunning, simply stunning!


Thanks for being such an amazing soul to work with, Mrs. T!  I appreciate so much when my clients are open to letting me share some of their images!  Another boudoir experience a success!  I’m truly blessed to do what I love, to assist women in loving themselves, even if just a little bit more!


To schedule your pre-shoot consultation, send me an email or call 319-400-4529  These experiences are TRULY magical.  And as Mrs. T expressed in her text message…these can be ‘life changing’!  Thanks SOOO much for taking the time out of your life to view my work…it truly means the world to me!

*Much Love & Golden Light*