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Boudoir Goddess Mindy Before After images

Gorgeous Goddess Mindy scheduled her boudoir experience for HER!! I LOVE when my goddesses treat themselves for their own self empowerment!! Of course, even when you choose to do a shoot for your significant other, you STILL get all of the empowerment for YOU! I just love it when a goddess doesn’t need a reason to treat herself! YOU DESERVE TO TREAT YOURSELF!! Thank you for being such a joy to have in the studio, Mindy! Has been a pleasure getting to know you and seeing your gorgeous light shine! Can hardly wait to see you again at the next Boudoir Goddess Gathering here at the studio!

All boudoir goddesses are GORGEOUS before hair and makeup, but look at how much more fun Mindy is having with a little hair and makeup done!

Boudoir Goddess Mindy before after collage

This gorgeous boudoir goddess brought a kick ass silky purple robe for her boudoir experience!

Boudoir Goddess laying on bed in lingerie during boudoir experience in Solon, Iowa

The way Mindy’s hair matched her sexy robe was PERFECT! So stunning!

Boudoir goddess lays on bed in purple silk robe during boudoir experience in Solon, Iowa

Look at that sexy smile!  

Mindy peaking past the door in lingerie during boudoir experience

Showing off her sexy tattoos!  

Boudoir Goddess sexy stilettos show off her beautiful tattoos

Those lips!  Such a gorgeous boudoir goddess!  

Boudoir Goddess Mindy laying on bar in lingerie during boudoir experience

Mindy rocked this sexy hat!  And her eyes are beyond amazing!  

Black and white Boudoir Goddess Mindy in sexy hat

True giggles are THE BEST kind!  

Black and white image of boudoir goddess playfully touching her pearl necklace

Magnificent Eyes, Mindy!  

Boudoir Goddess Mindy stunning eyes

We ALWAYS make time for some playful sexy fun images!!

Playful boudoir client looking sexily over her glasses

‘Thank you thank you thank you! I absolutely love the images. They are stunning!’ ~Mindy

Thank you for being THE MOST FUN, Mindy!  I’m so blessed to be able to help empower women of all ages, shapes and sizes!  Showing someone they ARE as beautiful as the ‘stars in the magazines’ makes my heart FULL!  

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