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before after collage of boudoir goddess Sarah

This GORGEOUS Goddess, Coach Sarah came to the studio for her Lux Boudoir Experience this fall.  We had an INCREDIBLE time and she loved her Lux Boudoir Experience!  I have known this gorgeous soul for 20+ years, so when Sarah said she was going to be back in town for her 20 year class reunion I offered to show her how a boudoir experience with me truly does change the way we feel about ourselves!

With Sarah we did a Q & A, which was fun to hear her answers!

Q. Why did you decide to become one of my boudoir Goddesses? A. Because my BFF is Kaylyn and she makes me feel super comfortable and welcomed me with open arms

Gorgeous Goddess laying on bed in lingerie during boudoir session at Kaylyn Hoskins Photography

Q. At your consultation how comfortable were you after spending time getting to know Kaylyn?  A. I felt much better after talking to Kaylyn about what was going to happen at the photo shoot

Gorgeous Blue eyed goddess laying on bed in lingerie looking up at photographerQ. How nervous were you the days prior to your boudoir goddess experience?  A. On a scale 1-10 I was an 11. I was so scared and nervous 

Gorgeous Athletic Goddess laying on bed in lingerie during boudoir session at Kaylyn Hoskins PhotographyQ. During your boudoir experience were you comfortable? A. I was SUPER comfortable Kaylyn and Laura have an amazing way of making you feel very comfortable and beautiful 

Woman in gold lace lingerie playing with her necklace during boudoir photo shoot at Kaylyn Hoskins PhotographyQ. How much fun did you have during your time here with us at the studio? A. I had a BLAST was a great day felt wonderful to get my hair/makeup done and just putting on different outfits and doing different poses IT WAS AMAZING!

Gorgeous woman in lingerie, laughing while standing in large window during boudoir photo shoot in Solon, IowaQ. When your shoot was over and you walked out the door, did you feel like a new woman? A. I have never felt more confident and beautiful in my life after I was done with the experience. 

Gorgeous woman in lingerie silhouetted in large window during boudoir photo shoot in Solon, IowaQ. When you came for your viewing & ordering session…were you nervous that you wouldn’t love all of your images? A. I wasn’t nervous just super excited to see how they all turned out. 

Gorgeous Athletic woman laying on bar in lingerie talking on old phone

Q. Did you get emotional when you saw yourself as the goddess everyone else sees you, especially Kaylyn? A. I definitely got tears in my eyes. I was shocked at how I looked.  It was simply the best!!!

Gorgeous Goddess laying on bar with hand in hair during boudoir shoot in Solon, IowaQ. How much did you love your images after viewing them? A. I LOVE THEM THERE ARE NO WORDS TO EXPRESS HOW THEY MAKE ME FEEL!

Woman in lingerie leaning on Short's Whiskey Barrel in Solon, Iowa

Q. How long had you been seeing images & dreaming of having such an experience for yourself before you decided to go out of your comfort zone & contact me?   A. honestly have never thought of doing something like this due to being super self conscious. 

Gorgeous coach kneeling on bed wearing nike workout pants and stilettosQ. Did you feel like a goddess during your boudoir experience? A. I felt so special and amazing during the experience I want every woman I know to have this experience with Kaylyn 

Woman making nike work out pants sexy during boudoir experience

Q. Would you be interested in doing a boudoir experience every year to continue to love your body in every way?  A.YES YES YES!

Gorgeous woman in see thru vintage nightgown standing in barn during boudoir photo shoot in iowa

Q. Would you recommend your girl friends to become a boudoir goddess here at Kaylyn Hoskins Photography? A. I WISH I COULD GET EVERY WOMAN I  KNOW TO COME SEE KAYLYN AND HAVE THIS MOST FABULOUS EXPERIENCE. I CAME FROM LA AND I KNOW SHE IS ONE OF THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS. 

sexy woman in wet white t-shirt in shower during boudoir photo shootQ. Did becoming a boudoir goddess change the way you view yourself? A. After this experience I can tell you I walk a little taller and smile a lot more. I feel so much more confidant is crazy! 

sexy woman taking off white tshirt in shower during boudoir photo shoot

‘Thank You again Kaylyn for having me do this is absolutely changed my life!’ ~Coach Sarah 


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