Sexy Pics for Her Husband

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Gorgeous woman naked sunset silhouette

During the gorgeous Mrs. D’s boudoir session we captured some serious Sexy Pics for her Husband!  Mrs. D purchased a gift certificate I had donated to at an auction for the Million Dollar Marathon last summer!  Her session was spectacular from start to finish!  We started by shooting in my studio and had a BLAST capturing these sexy pics for her husband!

   Beautiful Eryka before and after photographs during her boudoir experience with Kaylyn Hoskins Photography

Mrs. D is absolutely stunning without much makeup on and her hair in curlers!  The ‘after’ shots are just EXTRA awesome!

Eryka sitting on bed in fishnet pantyhose


Beautiful Eryka lays in grass in a skirt during her boudoir experience

After a few of the shots in the studio we went to an amazing piece of property near Sutliff and captured these amazing shots of Mrs. D outside!


Beautiful woman smiling while she plays with her hat.

This one is a favorite of mine from the shoot…she has the BEST smile!!

Gorgeous woman wrapped in boa during boudoir session

This feather boa was PERFECT to cover up the important parts!  😉

Gorgeous Woman laying down covered only by feather boa

Love everything about this photograph!!  Yes, there were feathers everywhere after the shoot…it made me giggle!

Gorgeous Woman standing by water in just hat and skirt

We decided to go out under Sutfliff bridge for a few shots!  Love this one!!

Gorgeous woman standing in river showing some leg

She put her top back on after two fellas and a dog managed to sneak up on us walking across the Sutfliff Bridge!  I don’t blame them…ha!

Gorgeous woman covers her chest with her skirt during outdoor boudoir session

This is my absolute favorite outdoor boudoir photograph as of right now.  I love everything about the above image.  The long skirt that covered up Mrs. D’s girls when necessary!  The sun flair, her rad hat, and emotion in this shot…I just love it all!!

Gorgeous woman plays with fishing pole while showing some skin

Mrs. D hooked Mr. D many years ago…no more fishing for her!  🙂

Gorgeous woman naked sunset silhouette

And last, but definitely not least…the sunset silhouette shot!  So many amazing photographs to share, wish I could post them ALL to this blog!  Nonetheless, you get the idea of how incredible it was to work with such a rad woman!  We had an incredible shoot…so grateful EVERY SINGLE  opportunity to assist a gorgeous woman in seeing her sexy inner goddess!!  Thanks for such an incredible boudoir experience, Mrs. D!  I’m quite certain your Husband is very happy with these photographs…if he has let you out of the bedroom yet?!  😉

*Much Love & Golden Light*