Sexy Working Mom’s Birthday Gift to Hubby

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Boudoir Goddess Before and After Collage KHP

This gorgeous, Sexy working Mom, Erin gave her hubby the sexiest birthday gift he could even dream of!  Six years ago in December I had the pleasure of photographing Erin’s gorgeous winter wedding!  It only took her six years to allow me to photograph her again and show her the true beauty she doesn’t always see when she looks in the mirror. It was TONS OF FUN!

Rawr…what a sexy goddess!

boudoir goddess laying face down on bed, gripping the bed sexily

Refreshing her Kick Ass Red Lipstick

Boudoir Goddess putting on red lipstick in mirror


Rocking her man’s button down shirt, wearing the sexy red heals she wore the day of their wedding.

gorgeous woman wearing red stilettos and husband's white dress shirt leaning on black chair during boudoir experience


How many times do you think her hubby has seen this look?  I bet it’s never been THIS sexy!

gorgeous boudoir goddess, Erin caught texting during boudoir shoot


Rockin’ a Sexy Black dress.

boudoir goddess standing in doorway in fur coat and black stilettos during boudoir shoot


Erin & her family live on a farm.  Of COURSE she rocks the cowboy hat!

Gorgeous Woman wearing husband's white button down shirt,red stilettos and hubby's Cowboy hat


Laughter is sexy and it’s the best kind of medicine, too!

Boudoir Goddess Erin rocking red lipstick, laughing and looking at the camera


Sexy AF

Gorgeous Woman wearing husband's white button down shirt and his Cowboy hat


I know her red stilettos are HOT. But…THOSE LEGS!

Boudoir Goddess's sexy legs wearing sexy red stilettos while standing in large window


Rocking his button up like as the goddess she is!

Gorgeous wife wearing her man's white button up shirt over lingerie sitting on bar


We went to a farmhouse close to the studio here in Solon and got some STELLAR photos for Erin to give to her husband for his birthday.  I am only choosing to show this image from the outdoor shoot because they are simply too sexy to post here.  During a boudoir consultation I have permission to show you more images in the studio that I am allowed to share online(respectfully).  Call today 319-400-4529 to schedule your FREE boudoir consultation, see the rest of Erin’s images and many other boudoir goddess experiences at the studio!

Gorgeous Wife standing in old barn during boudoir shoot in solon, iowa

Thank you Erin for being such a beautiful human being.  You are TRULY a GODDESS!  It’s been amazing to watch you evolve into the confident woman you have become over the past few years!  I couldn’t be happier for you and everyone around you!  Keep rocking that Stunning Smile and Kick Ass Red Lipstick!

*Big Hugs*

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