Curvy Working Mom Boudoir Shoot | Mindy

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Glamour Before After collage of Mindy

This Gorgeous Goddess is the first in my ‘boudoir experience every year’ series.  I am looking forward to showing select women they are beautiful EVERY single year.  You have gained weight…you’re STILL GORGEOUS!  You’ve lost weight…STILL GORGEOUS!  You’ve gotten a few more wrinkles…YOU ARE STILL GORGEOUS!!  If you are interested in being part of this series email me for more info [email protected]

This gorgeous curvy working Mom rocked her shoot again this year!

Boudoir goddess laying on bed in lingerie

She makes looking out the window SUPER SEXY!

Gorgeous Curvy girl in purple lingerie looking out big front window during boudoir shoot

STUNNING. Her new tattoo is pretty gorgeous, too!

Gorgeous Curvy Girl leaning against brick wall in body suit looking up at camera during boudoir shoot

Look at those legs!

Curvy Girl leaning on whiskey barrel in man's shirt and tie

That look…rawr!

Curvy Girl leaning on whiskey barrel in man's shirt and tie

This tutu made for a super rad silhouette shot!

Curvy Woman silhouetted in large window wearing stilettos and tutu

No caption needed.

Gorgeous Goddess in red tutu & fishnets sitting in doorway


Gorgeous Goddess in red tutu, Minnie Mouse ears & fishnets sitting in doorway

Sexy black and white photo

Gorgeous Curvy Girl sexily looking into camera during boudoir shoot

This is one of my favorite artistic boudoir shots!

Nipple peaking thru sweater during boudoir experience at Kaylyn Hoskins Photography

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

Curvy girl's gorgeous legs lit by Christmas lights

Thank you for checking out this gorgeous curvy boudoir goddess’s 2nd shoot!  I can’t wait til next year!  SO MUCH FUN!  If you want to see Mindy’s first shoot, check it out here

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