Tammy’s 1st Annual Birthday Boudoir | Solon, IA

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boudoir before and after collage of curvy wife and mom

Tammy came in for her first boudoir experience here at the studio on her birthday! Tammy wasn’t at her ideal weight(who really ever is?!) and she STILL left here radiating sexy, confidence and self love! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate your goddess self than around your birthday…EVERY YEAR! As a seasoned boudoir photographer, I have been … Read More

Lacie Joy’s Luxury Boudoir Experience

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Lacie Joy looks at the camera from over the rad red glasses while being directed during her boudoir photography session with Kaylyn Hoskins Photography

We had a BLAST taking Lacie’s boudoir images!   Lacie is TRULY GORGEOUS ALL the time…but look what a good photographer/artist can do to make her feel like a fashion model!  Thank you for giving me permission to share the images, Lacie! Ms Lacie arrived with the most rad collection of outfits I’ve ever seen for her shoot!  Add a few … Read More