Boudoir Ms. M

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Boudoir client laying on bar talking on vintage telephone

My first boudoir experience at my new studio in Solon was AMAZING!!!  Ms. M gave me permission to share these two images! Ms. M also wrote these amazing words about her Luxury Boudoir Experience: ‘Kaylyn- Thank you so much for the Boudoir experience!! I had a really great time and felt very comfortable. It’s crazy to think about how nervous … Read More

Mrs. T’s Boudoir Experience

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Beautiful woman laughs while sitting on end of green vintage love glider in pink lingerie

Back in November I had the pleasure of showing Mrs. T what a Boudoir Experience is all about!  We had an AMAAAZING time, got some incredibly beautiful photographs and one more beautiful woman will look at her reflection in a different light.  It is TRULY a gift for me to assist women in seeing themselves as ‘beautiful’ and ‘sexy’.   … Read More

Sexy Pics for Her Husband

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Gorgeous woman naked sunset silhouette

During the gorgeous Mrs. D’s boudoir session we captured some serious Sexy Pics for her Husband!  Mrs. D purchased a gift certificate I had donated to at an auction for the Million Dollar Marathon last summer!  Her session was spectacular from start to finish!  We started by shooting in my studio and had a BLAST capturing these sexy pics for … Read More

Lacie Joy’s Luxury Boudoir Experience

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Lacie Joy looks at the camera from over the rad red glasses while being directed during her boudoir photography session with Kaylyn Hoskins Photography

We had a BLAST taking Lacie’s boudoir images!   Lacie is TRULY GORGEOUS ALL the time…but look what a good photographer/artist can do to make her feel like a fashion model!  Thank you for giving me permission to share the images, Lacie! Ms Lacie arrived with the most rad collection of outfits I’ve ever seen for her shoot!  Add a few … Read More