Curvy Boudoir Goddess Genevieve

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Geneveieve Boudoir Before After collage

This Curvy Boudoir Goddess, Genevieve scheduled her Boudoir Experience for HERSELF! YOU DO NOT NEED to have a partner to schedule your FREE pre-shoot consultation! *You will have stunning images of yourself to help gain confidence in dating and to put on your dating profile* I GUARANTEE you will only regret if you DON’T set up your FREE boudoir consultation! … Read More

Delaney’s Senior Photo Experience

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Prairie Senior giggles during senior portraits downtown Iowa City

EVERY SINGLE SOUL is BEAUTIFUL without makeup. Having my hair/makeup artist here for each shoot is a big part of what makes each session more of an experience, rather than just a photo shoot. If you think about it, how often do you take selfies of yourself without makeup vs with makeup on? As much as I believe we should … Read More

Ms. Mindy the Boudoir Goddess

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Boudoir Goddess Mindy Before After images

Gorgeous Goddess Mindy scheduled her boudoir experience for HER!! I LOVE when my goddesses treat themselves for their own self empowerment!! Of course, even when you choose to do a shoot for your significant other, you STILL get all of the empowerment for YOU! I just love it when a goddess doesn’t need a reason to treat herself! YOU DESERVE … Read More

Arissa’s Bridal Boudoir Experience

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Boudoir client lays on rooftop during boudoir experience in solon, iowa

This Gorgeous Goddess Arissa scheduled her Luxury Bridal Boudoir Experience as a gift her new hubby will NEVER forget! The look on her lucky husband’s face when he opened her gift was PRICELESS! Gorgeous Goddess! We had THE MOST FUN and we even got Arissa up on the rooftop of the studio for some super rad images! THAT SMILE!! Man, … Read More

Suzie’s Boudoir Experience

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Suzie giggles during boudoir experience at Kaylyn Hoskins Photography

I had the pleasure to show the Gorgeous Suzie what it was like to have a Boudoir Experience!  I LOVE when my beautiful clients are happy to have me share some of their images!  WOOP!  I believe we are ALL GORGEOUS EXACTLY AS WE ARE!  But, having these before and after images allows me to show you that YOU, too … Read More

Julie’s Boudoir Experience

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Boudoir client laughing while reflected in ikea closet

Julie’s Boudoir Experience was TONS of FUN!!  I knew Julie was going to be a blast to photograph when she came to the studio for her pre-shoot consultation!  Such a sweet, sweet soul she is!  Julie has 3 grown children and has herself a very sweet boyfriend.  This is what Julie said as to why she wanted to have such … Read More

Behind the Scenes of Luxury Boudoir Experience

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Woman with Beautiful tattoos laying on bar at Kaylyn Hoskins Photography Studio in Solon

Hello Friends!  I’m elated to share this magical video of the GORGEOUS Kelsey during her Luxury Boudoir Experience with Kaylyn Hoskins Photography!  This took place here at the new studio downtown Solon, Iowa back in February of this year.  It sure was a magical day here at the studio!  Enjoy this video, friends!  I’ll warn you…many viewers have said they … Read More

Kelsey’s Boudoir Experience

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Boudoir client slipping out of stilettos

Hello friends!  I’m very pleased to be able to share the magical Luxury Boudoir Experience I did for the gorgeous Kelsey!  We had THE MOST fun and got some incredible photographs to prove it!  I hired a professional videographer to capture & create a behind the scenes video to share with you all!  I can hardly wait to share it … Read More