Newborn Sonny

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newborn boy resting on dad's chest

Hello Friends!!  Last fall I was blessed to have the opportunity to capture the amazing energy of this beautiful little Newborn Sonny and his two beautiful and amazing parents, Jill & Matt!  Photographing a newborn before the wise age of 10 days produces the best results, as they are still so tiny and they still sleep a lot!  Newborns change … Read More

Snowflakes in Iowa

KaylynMother Nature

Snowflakes photographed on rainbow colored rug in Iowa

Hello Friends!  I just wanted to share some photographs I took of Snowflakes here in Iowa a few weeks ago!  I was doing some research a year or so ago about photographing snowflakes after I saw some beautiful flakes that had been photographed here on the web.  I read all about how one must have a microscope attachment thing for … Read More

Mrs. T’s Boudoir Experience

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Beautiful woman laughs while sitting on end of green vintage love glider in pink lingerie

Back in November I had the pleasure of showing Mrs. T what a Boudoir Experience is all about!  We had an AMAAAZING time, got some incredibly beautiful photographs and one more beautiful woman will look at her reflection in a different light.  It is TRULY a gift for me to assist women in seeing themselves as ‘beautiful’ and ‘sexy’.   … Read More

Fun Faces in Everyday Places

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fun face in landscaping

Hello, My name is Kaylyn Hoskins and I see Fun Faces in Everyday Places!  I can’t tell you exactly when or why I began seeing fun faces in everyday places, but I can tell you it gets more fun every day!  I’m not sure if I have more finding and photographing them, or having friends (especially on facebook) share fun … Read More

Sexy Pics for Her Husband

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Gorgeous woman naked sunset silhouette

During the gorgeous Mrs. D’s boudoir session we captured some serious Sexy Pics for her Husband!  Mrs. D purchased a gift certificate I had donated to at an auction for the Million Dollar Marathon last summer!  Her session was spectacular from start to finish!  We started by shooting in my studio and had a BLAST capturing these sexy pics for … Read More

Wedding at the famous Little Brown Church

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The young bridesmaids having fun during wedding ceremony at the Little Brown Church in Nashua, IA

Back in August I had the opportunity to capture the amazing energy of Stacey & Joe’s beautiful wedding at the famous Little Brown Church in Nashua, IA!  They were surrounded by friends and family on the most beautiful day!  The beautiful bride’s Mom and Dad were married at this very same church before she was born!  I met Stacey back … Read More

Crazy Beautiful Love

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Grandparents kiss dutch style during photography session

This Crazy Beautiful Love story is about these two beautiful souls in between my sister and me (I’m on the left).  Meet my Gramz & my Grampz Jones!  Meet my sister Dessa, too…she’s pretty awesome herself!  😉 This is where the Crazy Beautiful Love Story of my Gramz & Grampz Jones begins!  Crazy Beautiful Love is what my Gramz & … Read More

Minshall Family Photos

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Dad blows bubbles for daughter to catch during family photos

The Minshall Family Photos were the MOST fun to take!!  I know, I know…I say that about most of my sessions…but it’s TRUE every time!  🙂  I sure do LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do!  I met these gorgeous souls and adored them immediately.  Such great parents with lots of patience and love to share with their gorgeous little girls!  … Read More

Senior Pics of Gorgeous Addie

KaylynBlog, HS Senior

Beautiful Senior laughs during senior pics session with kaylyn hoskins photography

Taking the Gorgeous Addie’s Senior Pics was ridiculously fun!  What a beautiful young lady Addie is!!  Addie had her heart set on taking some photos out at her grandparents’s farm where she spent a lot of time playing while she was growing up.  I couldn’t have asked for a better and/or more rad location to start shooting her Senior Pics! … Read More

Lang Family Photos

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Young son pulls older brother's hair during family pictures with Kaylyn Hoskins Photography

The Lang family photos were a success, despite the Iowa heat and humidity!  I absolutely ADORE this gorgeous family!  I photographed their rad family a few years ago, then did Nick & Jes’s engagement pictures and photographed their beautiful wedding in June of 2012!  I also had the chance to photograph their new bundle of joy at 3 months old!  … Read More